Why Should You Use Atlantic County Home Services For Your Home Improvement and Repairs?

The main reason is we understand the stresses you face getting your repairs and improvements done. From finding a service provider to the warranty when the project is complete. We understand and try to solve these problems for you. By referring to the right business for your needs.

We are a contractor and home services provider referral network. 

Our focus has always been supporting local businesses and the communities they serve. With that being said, let’s look at what our contractors and service providers offer you.

  1. Licensing and Insurance: All our referrals (contractors/service providers) are licensed by the State of New Jersey and insured. 
  2. Reputation and Reviews: Our referrals all have a positive review rating from past clients and customers. If their review ratings drop below 4.0 stars, we do not refer to them. We only want the best to represent our services to you. Positive feedback and high ratings are important to us.
  3. Experience and Expertise: Our contractors have a substantial amount of experience and expertise in the specific type of work they provide. Most of our referrals have over 10 years of experience in the trade or service they provide.
  4. Detailed Quotes and Transparent Pricing: A detailed quote that breaks down all the costs associated with your project is important. You will appreciate transparency in pricing to avoid any unexpected expenses.
  5. Communication Skills: Our contractors communicate effectively and promptly. Our referrals to you are responsive, answer your questions clearly, and keep you updated throughout the project.
  6. Reliability and Timeliness: No one likes to be stood up or waste time. Our local service providers and contractors are reliable and can complete the work within the agreed-upon timeframe. Punctuality and sticking to the agreed schedules are important traits they have.
  7. Quality of Work and Materials: The quality of both the work performed, and the materials used is a top priority for our referred businesses. Our contractors and service providers do not cut corners and use high-quality, durable materials.

We Help You Find The Right Company.

At Atlantic County Home Services we take pride in helping you find the right business for your home repair, remodeling, renovation and improvement needs. We can connect you with local service providers who will ensure they complete your projects on time, within budget, and with great customer care. 

Our referral network partners are local to your community and are not fly-by-night businesses. 

Our Process Is Simple

You Fill Out Form

We Respond Fast

You Get FREE Quote

  1. Fill out the form on the this or the service pages. Tell us about your project, and how to get in touch with you. 
  2. We will confirm that we received your request promptly and work on getting your services done or to get you a FREE quote from one of our service providers. 
  3. There are no obligations and we will have our referred partner contact you directly. You will know who they are before they contact you. We send out a copy of their reviews, name, license number and contact information. Saving you time from doing the research yourself. 
  4. Your feedback is important to us and we will follow up to see how your experience was using our service and our service providers.

We look forward to working with you to find the best business to serve your home repair, improvement and renovation needs.