Can a Handyman Legally Install a Ceiling Fan in New Jersey?

Ceiling Fan: Handyman or Electrician

Homeowners are often faced with the question of whether to call a handyman or an electrician when they need small electrical projects done around the house. There are pros and cons to both, and the answer ultimately depends on the specific job that needs to be done. In this blog post, we’ll break down who can legally install a ceiling fan in New Jersey, a handyman or electrician.

NOTE: We can not give any legal advice. We have links to the state for reference. You can always call your local building code office to find out how they look at the project. Don’t worry, you don’t need a permit to install a ceiling fan.

Silver ceiling fan
Modern looking ceiling fan with light.

Each Trade Has There Value

There are some jobs that handymen can do that electricians cannot, and vice versa. It’s important to understand the difference so that you can make the best decision for your particular situation. Handymen are typically good at small repairs, none mechanical or electrical installations, and general maintenance tasks. They may not be licensed to perform electrical work, but they can usually do things like repair drywall, change lightbulbs, hang TV’s, and unclog drains.

Electricians, on the other hand, are licensed to perform electrical work. This includes tasks like installing outlets, rewiring homes, and upgrading breaker boxes. If you’re not sure whether a particular job falls into the handyman category or the electrician category, it’s always best to err on the side of the state licensing requirements. If it is electric, call an electrician.

You won’t need a permit to install a ceiling fan, but you will need an electrician to legally install the ceiling fan. Even if the wires are already there. A handyman by law can not work on anything electrical, which a ceiling fan is. Unless the handyman holds an electrical license in New Jersey, which several handymen do. You can ask them. If they do, they will have an electrical license number which is different from their NJ HIC (home improvement license). You can look that number up below.


NJ Contractor License Verification and Lookup

Small Work Classification from The NJ DCA.

Insurance policy
Always check your contractors insurance.

A Handman's Insurance May Not Cover Them for Electrical Work

When a business gets insurance there will be things they are covered for and things they are not covered for. A handyman’s coverage is no different. An insurance company is not going to cover electrical coverage if the handyman is not properly licensed to do electrical work, like installing a ceiling fan or other electric tasks such as install light fixtures, GFCI installation and more. 

If something should go wrong, they are not covered, which means you are not covered. Always make sure to check what the handyman insurance covers and in most cases, in New Jersey they are not covered for electrical work.


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ceiling fan installation on high ceilings.
Dropdown ceiling fan installation.
Living room and dining room ceiling fan installation
Celing fan installed in a living room.

It is always the little things that get us into trouble. While installing a ceiling fan is a simple and small project, it is worth hiring an electrician for all your home electrical needs, even a ceiling fan replacement.

4 Main Reasons for an Electrician to Install Your Fan.

  • Licensed to do the work
  • Insured to do the electric project
  • Troubleshoot electric systems
  • Peace of mind.


We hope this article settles who should install your ceiling fan in New Jersey. If you have a ceiling fan to install in Atlantic County, New Jersey, fill out the form below or contact us (our electricians are licensed and insured). Also, leave your comments below, we would love to hear about your experience or thoughts on the subject.

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