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How Much Does it Cost to Install Appliances?

If you buy a new appliance for your kitchen or laundry room, you’ll probably need to know, “How much does it cost to install the appliances?” So you can budget for major appliances such as a fridge, oven, dishwasher and washer/dryer, we have compiled the average cost of professional appliance installation.

Refrigerator Installation Costs

How much does a refrigerator cost to install? The cost of installation is not affected by the fridge’s size, but it can be more expensive depending on where the refrigerator is located and the electrical and plumbing connections required. An average cost for standard refrigerator installation is $200 from most of our experts.

Other expenses could include running water lines or electricity. Should your appliance need to go up past the first floor it could cost you more as well.

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Range & Oven Installation Costs

The average cost to install a free-standing stove in place of an old one is about $162 and a new installation can run around $200 provided the electric and/or gas lines are there. If you need an 3 prong 240 volt outlet add $250. And if a gas line needs to be run for a gas range, a plumber will be needed and that cost could run another $250. If it is a simple gas hose that needs to be connected, $75 is the normal price.

Dishwasher Installation Costs

Having a dishwasher installed will run you about $250-400 depending on the hook-ups. This will include removing your old dishwasher. If everything is in order the average installation of your new dishwasher should take less than 2 hours. Provided the electric is properly grounded and the plumbing connections under the sink are in good condition to connect the dishwasher.

Washer Installation Costs

In recent years, washing machines have seen a lot of innovation. High-efficiency front-load, stackable and high-efficiency models can require modifications to your existing plumbing or electrical hookups. This will increase the cost of installation. Figure on an installation price of around $200-300 for your new washing machine. 

This includes hooking up the hot and cold water lines, the discharge hose and connecting it to a GFCI outlet. Should the valves be in bad shape or the outlet is not grounded properly the cost will go up as a plumber or electrician may be needed.

High-tech models with digital components may need special electrical connections like a special 4-prong GFCI outlet.

Dryer Installation Costs

Installing a new dryer will cost around $250 and include connection to the electric or gas. The installer will also connect the dryer vent. An electric dryer takes a 240 volt outlet so if you are switching from gas to electric, figure on the add cost of the higher voltage outlet. Which can run as high as $500. If you are converting from electric to a gas dryer, then gas lines will need to be installed as well. A licensed plumber will charge anywhere from $300 and up based on how far away the dryer is located from the gas pipe.

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