How To Properly Install and Maintain Outdoor Electrical Outlets.

Outdoor Electric Outlet Installation

Outdoor electrical outlets can be a convenient and useful addition to your home, allowing you to power outdoor lighting, tools, and other devices. However, installing and maintaining outdoor electrical outlets requires proper planning and attention to safety. In this article, we’ll discuss how to properly install and maintain outdoor electrical outlets in Atlantic County, New Jersey.

Preparing to install an electrical outlet, electrical metal steel boxes
Outlets, switches and metal conduit boxes.

Planning Your Outdoor Electrical Outlet Installation

Before installing outdoor electrical outlets, it’s important to carefully plan the location and number of outlets you will need. Consider the types of devices you will be using, as well as the distance from your home’s main electrical panel. This is especially important in towns such as Mays Landing, Egg Harbor City, and Absecon where homes may have large outdoor spaces that require multiple outlets.

Next, you’ll need to determine the type of outdoor electrical outlet you will need. There are two main types of outdoor outlets: weather-resistant and weatherproof. Weather-resistant outlets are designed to withstand the elements, but may not be completely waterproof. Weatherproof outlets, on the other hand, are completely waterproof and can be used in areas where water may be present.

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How To Properly Install and Maintain Outdoor Electrical Outlets.

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Installing Your Outdoor Electrical Outlet

Once you’ve planned your outdoor electrical outlet installation, it’s important to hire a licensed electrician to perform the installation. Outdoor electrical outlet installations can be complex and dangerous, and should only be done by a professional.

When installing outdoor electrical outlets, it’s important to use the right materials and follow safety guidelines. For example, all outdoor electrical outlets should be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to protect against electrical shock. The outlet should also be mounted in a weather-resistant box, and all wiring should be properly secured and protected from the elements

Maintaining Your Outdoor Electrical Outlet

After your outdoor electrical outlet has been installed, it’s important to perform regular maintenance to ensure safety and reliability. This includes:


  • Regularly Inspecting the Outlet:

Regularly inspect your outdoor electrical outlet for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or other damage. If you notice any damage, it’s important to have the outlet repaired or replaced immediately.


  • Keeping the Outlet Clean:

Dirt, debris, and other materials can accumulate around your outdoor electrical outlet, which can lead to safety hazards. Regularly clean the area around the outlet to ensure that it is free of debris and other materials.


  • Protecting the Outlet:

During severe weather events, such as hurricanes or snowstorms, it’s important to protect your outdoor electrical outlet from damage. Cover the outlet with a weatherproof cover, and consider securing it with sandbags or other heavy objects to prevent it from being knocked over or damaged.

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Outdoor Electric Outlet FAQs

Do outdoor outlets need to be on their own circuit?

No, outdoor outlet receptacles are not required to be on a separate circuit.

Do outdoor outlets need ground?

Outdoor receptacles are required by the NEC to have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection in place.

How many outdoor outlets should a house have?

New homes are required to have at least one outdoor outlet each at the front and rear of the house, as well as at least one receptacle inside a porch, deck or balcony.

Does outdoor wiring need to be in conduit?

Local codes require exterior wiring to be placed in a conduit when the wiring is installed above ground. Check to see if you should use underground feeder (UF) wire or TW wire and a conduit.

Is it expensive to install an outdoor outlet?

According to Angi, the national average cost to install an outdoor outlet is $225, though the price can range between $150 and $300.


In conclusion, outdoor electrical outlets can be a convenient and useful addition to your home, but they require proper planning and attention to safety. When planning your outdoor electrical outlet installation, carefully consider the location and number of outlets you will need, and choose the appropriate type of outlet for your needs. When installing your outdoor electrical outlet, always hire a licensed electrician and follow safety guidelines to ensure a safe and proper installation.

Finally, be sure to perform regular maintenance on your outdoor electrical outlet to ensure safety and reliability. Whether you live in Egg Harbor Township, Somers Point, or any other town in Atlantic County, it’s important to prioritize safety and reliability when installing and maintaining outdoor electrical outlets.

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