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Dryer Repair Services Mullica, New Jersey 08217

Clothes dryer repair in Mullica, New Jersey. You should consider repairing your dryer if it takes longer than usual to dry your clothes. We often take for granted the luxury it is to dry our clothes in any season, no matter the weather. Our dryer repair services in Mullica, NJ keeps your clothes dryer running and the clothes from piling up. 

All major dryer brands serviced, gas or electric. From a dryer that is not turning on, has a loose, squeaking belt to no heating properly, we have your dryer repairs handled. 

Dryers that work perfectly use heat and air to dry clothes. If the dryer stops producing heat, it means that the dryer needs to be repaired. Check that the dryer settings are correct. If they are and the dryer is not heating, call us today.

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Typical Clothes Dryer Problems in Mullica, New Jersey 08217

  • Air vent 

  • Air flow

  • Belt slipping

  • Belt squeaking

  • Bulb not working

  • Burnt smell

  • Buzzer stuck on

  • Circuit breaker tripping

  • Cold air

  • Cycle stops

  • Duct cleaning

  • Doesn’t get hot

  • Door switch

  • Drum damage

  • Dryer vents

  • Dial not working

  • Doesn’t start

  • Electrical issues

  • Gas line hook up.

  • Gas smell

  • Heating element replacement

  • Settings knobs broke or missing

  • Thermostat replacement

  • Too hot

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Don't let a broke down clothes dryer ruin your day.

Get Your Clothes Dryer Repaired Today!

People report that their dryer doesn’t rotate. A faulty belt causes a dryer not to turn. The dryer drum’s main component, the belt, handles it functioning. If the belt becomes damaged, the dryer won’t turn. The dryer might not turn if the tension roller is not working properly, stuck or damaged.

If a clothes dryer stops working during a cycle, there could be an issue with the circuit board or a sensor. If the dryer doesn’t come on at all; the power cord, switches or other electrical problem has occurred and should be looked at by a professional appliance repair company.

We Fix All Major Brands of Clothes Dryers.

Our dryer repair specialists in Mullica, New Jersey are trained to fix all major brands of clothes dryers. From Amanda to Wolf, a complete list below shows our experts know how to repair your dryer.





General Electric












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