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Having a deck built by a contractor on your home or property in Longport adds value and an outdoor living space. Homeowners use decks for many things. Some build decks around above ground pools, others build decks of their house to eat or entertain on. While others have their deck constructed to use it for a staycation (vacation at home), a place to relax.

The licensed deck contractors at Atlantic County Home are insured and have years of deck building experience. From tiny 8×12 foot decks off the dining room to large 2000 square foot decks that are backyard entertaining masterpieces. The outdoor living space experts we partner with area the local favorites. They have reviews and references so you know they do good home improvement work.

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Deck Contractor Service Area in Atlantic County, NJ

Atlantic City
Corbin City
Egg Harbor Township
Estell Manor

Galloway Township
Hamilton Township
Hammonton Township
Margate City

Port Republic
Somers Point
Ventnor City

Deck Building Plans & Ideas

As with anything that is successful, it all starts with a plan. Our deck construction experts can assist or create a deck plan you are sure to love. Taking in consideration the goals you have for your decks use, landscape features and other long-term needs.

Types of Decks in Longport, New Jersey

The hardest part of building a deck is deciding on what type of deck to build. You will want to talk to your deck builder to see what type of deck is right for you. Not all deck types can be built, based on the specific conditions, layout of the home or deck building codes.

Common Deck Styles

  • Wraparound Deck

  • Multi-Tier Deck or

  • Multi-Level Deck

  • Attached Deck

  • Detached Deck

  • Rooftop/Over Garage Deck

Get help designing your deck today. Fill out the form to get a deck building consultation from the local deck building experts.

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Deck Building Codes Longport, New Jersey 08403

Our builders follow the deck building codes in New Jersey. Every year we hear about contractors or homeowners building a deck without a permit and the added cost they suffer because they did not follow the deck building codes in New Jersey. Having a licensed deck builder build your deck is one way to ensure your deck is built to code and has each deck inspection stage meet the codes.

Deck Building Permits Longport, NJ

Getting a permit for your deck in Longport before you start to build any deck is one of the first things to do. When you get a building permit, they look over the plans to make sure you meet codes, zoning laws and other factors.

The deck inspection stages are deck footing inspection, deck framing inspection and a finished deck inspection. These inspections make sure your deck is solid and safe.

Get your FREE deck estimate from a deck contractor in Longport you can trust, they will take care of the permitting process for you.

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Deck Building Materials

There are many materials that go into building a great looking deck. The concrete or helical deck piles for the footings, the pressure treated wood that frames the deck to your choice of decking and handrails. Not to mention all the hardware that goes into building the deck. Hidden fasteners, joist hangers and other forms of deck hardware add up. Our deck builders use the right materials and hardware to make a strong structure that is beautiful.

Decking Types

Common types of decking are pressure treated wood, cedar, Ipe and composite or sometimes vinyl decking. Your budget style, and goals will determine what type of decking you should use. If your deck has handrails, you will want to see what options you have. These days a safe, solid PVC or Composite handrail is the standard. White composite handrails are the favorite, but tan and other colors are available.  

Best Brands of Composite Decking

No matter the type of decking you choose or want our deck building contractors are here to help. Get a FREE deck quote today!

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Deck Building Cost in Longport, New Jersey 08403

Many factors need to be considered when getting a price for a new deck. A contractor can only give a basic estimate based on square footage and material types that will be used. What you want is a detailed deck quote.

What we see is when a homeowner gets a deck square foot estimate, then has deck plans created, and a solid deck contract price, the prices differ greatly. Each deck is a custom built project, not a deck kit. Therefore, getting a great contractor to get  the cost to build a new deck is more accurate.

Base Square Foot Deck Prices.

Pressure Treated Wood Deck Prices. 

Expect to pay around $27-30 per square foot. Things that will increase the price are level which it is built, handrail and steps or other added features. 

Composite Deck Prices.

Decking like Trex and TimberTech are more expensive than treated wood deck boards. Therefore the average cost of a composite deck ranges from $35 and up. Things that add to the cost are the type of fasteners used, special board designs and other deck items you may want.

NOTE: Decking and lumber prices change daily, so the above figures are for estimate purposes.

Deck Price Quote in Longport, New Jersey 08403

Deck building is a complex process that requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. Deck builders must be able to identify and assess the various materials available, as well as the local climate and weather conditions. They also need to have a good understanding of construction techniques, structural principles and project management. They must be able to provide accurate quotes and estimates, as well as properly schedule and coordinate the construction process. As a result, it is important to choose an experienced and reputable deck builder when planning to build a new deck. Get your FREE deck construction quote from the best in Longport, New Jersey.

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