Electric Contractors Brigantine, New Jersey

When it comes to your electrical needs, our electrical contractors in Brigantine, New Jersey have what it takes to wire, install or troubleshoot your electric power. From home back-up power generators to installing a GFCI in the bathroom or kitchen to upgrading your main service panel. They are licensed and insured, plus have great reviews online. When you need an electrician, look no further than here at Atlantic County Home. We help you get the right electrical contractor for your needs.

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Outlet wiring and installation.

Brigantine Electrical Contractors

Home wiring and electricity can be a tricky project. Safety is always a priority with working with electricity. Our electrical technicians can safely wire your outlets, switches and lighting. They always work by the electrical codes, and meet any electrical problem your home faces.

Home Electrician Brigantine

  • Main service panel upgrade

  • Electric Sub-panel installation

  • Outlets (GFCI, 20 amp, 240 Volt and more)

  • Switches (Lights, equipment, safety shut off, 3 way)

  • HVAC wiring

  • Wiring a Pool or Hot Tub

  • Light fixture and ceiling fan installation

  • Electrician for remodels, renovations and home additions

  • Garage, pole barn and other outdoor structures

  • Exterior lighting (flood lights, security lights, lamp post lighting)

  • Temporary service poles

  • Troubleshooting, electrical repairs, replacements and more

Our residential electricians are here to serve all your power needs in your home.

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Home Generator Installation.
Backup home generators in Absecon, New Jersey

Back-up & Standby Home Generators Brigantine, NJ

Power outages in Brigantine can happen at any time. Our electrical contractors in Brigantine can install a Generac Guardian home generator at your home or business. Never be without electric power again. The back-up generators for your house are run on either propane or natural gas. We do install solar backup systems as well. The electric techs here at Atlantic County Home, are experts at installing back-up power generators.

Home Generator Installation Brigantine, New Jersey

  • Generac whole house generator

  • Generac Power Cell (home solar generator and power storage)

  • Generac generator service

  • Generac generator repair

  • Generac Guardian 24kw

  • Generac 22kw home generator

  • Generac 18kw generator

  • All Guardian generator models installed, repaired and maintained

When it comes to residential generators in Brigantine, New Jersey, our electrical contractors are second to none in installing, servicing and making repairs to your home generator. They make your generator installation go smoothly.

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electrician for home EV chargers
Electric Vehicle home chargers in Absecon, New Jersey

Electric Vehicle Home Charging Brigantine, New Jersey

Having an EV power source at home in Brigantine, New Jersey to charge your EV is a priority. Our electric vehicle charging station installation electricians are experts.  Think of buying an EV? Then a residential electric car charging station is in your future, to power your vehicle the right way. Our electric vehicle charging station contractors are what you need.

Residential EV Charging Station Installation

  • ChargePoint Home Flex EV charger

  • JuiceBox line of home chargers

  • Blink HQ Models

  • Grizzl-E Classic

  • Electrify HomeStation

  • And more

Goodbye, gas stations! You can fuel up at home, overnight, for a fraction of the cost of an internal combustion car. All you need is a battery-powered electric vehicle and one of these fast home chargers installed.

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Electricians commercial building
Retail store lighting being repaired.

Commercial Electric Contractors in Brigantine, NJ

Our commercial electricians are here to keep your business powered. Everything from simple sign lighting to high voltage equipment wiring. Our electric contractors are more than capable of handling any electricity needs your business, warehouse or factory needs.

Commercial Electrician Brigantine, New Jersey

  • New wiring

  • Surge protectors

  • Lighting systems

  • Breakers

  • Power to equipment and machinery 

  • High voltage systems

  • Commercial electric repairs, installation, replacements, and maintenance

If your building is tripping breakers, lights flicker when equipment is turned on, or have dead outlets, switches and faulty connections contact us. The commercial licensed electricians here are ready to serve you. Get a FREE quote or consultation today.

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