Whether your home’s “to-do” list seems to be growing or you need some help tackling your weekend remodel, you can turn to our handyman services.

At Atlantic County Home Services, we provide reliable handyman and home repair services. From Atlantic City to Pleasantville and beyond, our team can provide you with virtually any home repair or handyman service you need. Our South Jersey handyman team prides ourselves on truly doing it all. From the big home improvement projects to the smallest repairs, you can rely on our team of home repair pro’s to provide you with the high-quality home services you’ve been looking for in Atlantic County.

Atlantic County Home Services, is your one stop shop for a wide range of home maintenance and repair solutions. Our handyman service technicians are highly skilled craftsmen, so you know they will get the job done right the first time.


  • Repair
  • Replace
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Whether you need kitchen cabinet drawer pulls installed in Egg Harbor Township or drywall repair in the living room in Galloway, New Jersey. You can turn to our team. Fully experienced professionals equipped with advanced tools and time-tested methods, our team will provide you with the services you need to complete your next home improvement project or that project you’ve been putting off. Call us today for a free estimate!

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The attic is out of sight yet important when it comes to energy efficiency, indoor air quality and roof integrity. There are five types of projects that keep attics in good condition and save money by preventing much more expensive repairs down the line. We believe in a convenient, one-call solution where one simple call schedules an appointment and delivers a safe, worry-free experience completed by a professional.

Attic Stairs & Attic Door Installation

The attic is not always an easy room to access. If you’re tired of getting out the ladder, talk to us about installing drop-down stairs so that you can easily use your attic space for storage and more. Our home improvement professionals can also repair unsightly attic doors or install new attic doors altogether.

Attic Insulation

We check insulation level and quality, make recommendations and install many kinds of insulation to keep you up to code and in the pink when the weather turns hot or cold. We don’t want your air conditioner and heater to work overtime if they don’t have to.

Mold Prevention

Your roof and your attic’s ceiling are one and the same. If your attic has cracks and holes, then moisture from the outside will create mold, mildew and wood rot. Preventative maintenance and addressing signs of trouble early is simply money in the pocket.

Structural Integrity

If there are any signs of leaking, such as stains on your ceiling or water damage high on walls, we inspect attic areas for water damage and replace lumber quickly and professionally, preventing the need for costly roof repairs. Our home improvement professionals can also install hurricane straps/ties/clips on all roof trusses that are attached to the wall frame in order to prevent lift from the roof in extreme wind events.

Vent Cleaning & Attic Fan Installation

Attic and roof vents that are clean allow air to flow through the attic, and similarly, attic fans help attic circulation, keeping your attic dry, your air fresh and your home cool in the summer heat. Please note that electrical services are subject to state and local licensing requirements and therefore we have electricians for those services.


Bathrooms are a hub of activity, and you want everything to look beautiful: walls, floors, and vanities. Whatever the project is that you need completed, we promise to arrive on time and perform quality workmanship that’s guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Bathroom Remodel & Renovation

If your bathroom is tired and outdated, call on Atlantic County Home Services for a complete bathroom remodel and renovation. Your local home improvement professional can help install tile flooring, knock out walls and install the perfect vanity. From cabinet installation to painting, we are the one-call solution to your bathroom and remodel project.

Bathroom Fan Installation & Repair

Bathroom fans are your home’s main protection against mold and mildew issues. We remove old fans and install new fans. Our team of repairers can inspect your venting path for mold and, if needed, replace it with new tubing. 


Tubs with bad caulking let water go behind walls and under the floors, damaging wood and wallboard and even the basement or downstairs ceiling. Restore the looks of your tub, stop water damage and prevent mold with professional caulking service from experienced home improvement professionals.

Drywall Repairs & Finishing

We inspect bathroom drywall that you suspect may have been damaged by leaking water or moisture, and we fix the wallboard in a way that’s seamless with the décor. We also help homeowners by identifying the underlying source of the leak causing drywall water damage in bathrooms.

Shower Door Installation & Repair

Need your new shower door installed or need one fixed because it’s off its hinges or track and leaking water? We promise to arrive on time and perform quality work that’s guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Shower Head Servicing

We fix leaks, clogs and any other issue you have with bathroom shower heads. Before you go looking for a replacement, call us to see if your current shower head can be fixed. And if it does need replaced, we will help get you a shower head that works with your current shower and bathroom design.

Tile Installation & Repairs

Chipped tile in your shower, backsplash or bathroom floor?. We are the local experts at installing, repairing and updating all types of tile, including: ceramic tile, porcelain tile, stone tile, glass tile.

Vanity & Bathroom Mirror Installation

You have the new vanity picked out. Whether it’s been delivered or it’s waiting to be picked up from the store, we can take it from there. We can remove and dispose of your current vanity, prepare the space for new dimensions, expertly install the vanity and even integrate the plumbing. Just one simple phone call and no hassle.

Shower Pan Installation

From shower pans, shower pan liners and shower bases, you can count on our shower pan installation services. We’ll make sure everything is watertight and can install tile or shower doors for the finishing touches that matter. We can also build custom size shower pans for just about any custom shower.


Bedroom changes can be decorative or functional. Whether you need to update style, increase comfort or introduce new organization and Feng Shui, we’re just a call away. That’s because we believe in a convenient, one-call solution that schedules an appointment to be completed by one of our home improvement professionals.

Bunk Bed & Bed Frame Assembly

Doubling up the kids? Want to free up some space? We’ll install or assemble bunk beds for safety, stability and durability. We promise to arrive on time in a nationally recognized uniform and van with all of the tools and equipment we’ll need.

Closet Door Installation

You pick the ones you like, we install. Want to replace your mirrored doors with solid wood? No problem. Whether you want to go from hollow doors to solid door, or track doors to French-style doors.

Drywall Repairs & Finishing

Accidents happen. Repairing holes, cracks and nail pops in the drywall goes a long way fast in improving the look and feel of any bedroom. Read more about our drywall repair services and other wall-related projects.

Custom Shelving & Bookcases

Many homeowners like to have help constructing their store-bought shelving and bookcases. Others prefer to use Atlantic County Home Services to build shelving from scratch to meet tastes, special dimensions or other specific requirements.


The basement presents an excellent opportunity for entertaining and extra storage space. Whether you need help to assemble an entertainment center or building a custom storage unit, we have the experience to get the job done right-no matter how big or small it may be.

Custom Shelving & Bookcases

If your basement seems incomplete, consider adding custom shelves. Custom shelving not only gives you more space to store items and display photos, it gives your basement an elegant finished look and feel. We install custom shelving and other custom carpentry projects to make your basement a comfortable living space.

Entertainment Center Assembly

Store-bought entertainment centers can be cumbersome and difficult to put together. Our fully-insured professional handymen are experts at assembling all types of furniture and fixtures. And if you just need help mounting your TV on the basement wall, we can do that, too.

Handrail & Stairs Installation

Give your basement a safe and inviting entryway. Whether you want to replace a steep staircase or simply add a safety rail, we can help. All of our home improvement contractors have experience installing, repairing and replacing staircases throughout the home. We’re also experienced with installing under-stair storage space.

TV Wall Mount

Do you have a flat screen TV for your basement? Or maybe you want to create extra space by mounting your existing TV on the wall. Whatever the situation, you’ll want to make sure you mount the television according to specifications. You can trust our handyman service to mount your flat screen television safely and securely—exactly how you want it.


Your deck or patio is an outdoor extension of your home. But being exposed to nature, it needs regular maintenance and repairs to keep it a safe, pleasant place for entertaining guests. Our professional carpenters and painters who are experienced in repairing and maintaining patios and decks in your area, so your deck or patio is as nice as the inside of your home-and just as comfortable.

Deck & Patio Repair

Decks and patios need to be fixed from time to time. We can fix failing deck boards and railings and damaged patio bricks, concrete, stones, tiles, as well as any other structural issues affecting the use, safety or looks of your patio or deck.

Deck & Patio Construction

Add a deck to your backyard, and know that you’re getting a team of professional carpenters who each have at an average 10 years’ experience. In addition, all of our technicians are fully insured and highly qualified. That’s because we believe in delivering a quality, worry-free experience.

Deck Staining, Painting & Finishing

Every three or four years, deck owners re-stain and seal their decks to protect the wood from the moisture that otherwise leads to an expensive reconstruction project. Next to power washing, staining is also the best, fastest way to improve the look of your deck. Unfortunately, it’s easy for homeowners to damage their decks with pressure washers, to stain over already-rotted wood, and to apply the stain before a deck is sufficiently dry.

Power Washing Services

Atlantic County Home Services performs power washing—also known as pressure washing—that removes built-up dirt and debris from decks and patios. You won’t have to pick up, clean or return a rental power washer. Best of all, the job will be handled by a professional who knows how to care for your deck and patio while making it shine. After our home improvement professional finishes washing your deck or patio, he can move on to other pressure washing tasks on your to-do list, such as cleaning and brightening fences, outdoor play equipment, walkways, garage doors, driveways and siding.


Intended for vehicles, the garage can be almost anything, including a workshop, laboratory, band rehearsal space or even a gym. For most, though, the goal is an immaculately organized space for cars, toys and tools. We can haul, install or even build from scratch to get you there.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Some garage door openers are extremely loud and jerky. Others can be downright unreliable. Whether you need help installing a new garage door opener or need help replacing the garage door safety sensors, we can help.

Garage Door Weather Stripping

Installing a weather stripping in your garage door is an effective way to keep cool air out and warm air in during the winter. This is worth doing for anyone who uses their garage as a workshop, gym or other indoor room during the cooler months.

Garage Floor Coating

Protect your garage and keep it looking its best for years to come with our garage floor coating services. With a new garage floor coating, we can not only keep your garage looking pristine, but prevent oil stains, hide any blemishes with the concrete, and provide anti skid additives to give you more grip.

Garage Organization & Storage

To get rid of piles and clutter, install countertops, shelving, cabinets and ceiling-mounted storage in your garage. It will free-up floor space and provide a new sense of organization. Hooks allow you to take advantage of your wall space, as do shelving and cabinets that we can build for you to “custom fit” your space and aesthetics—or we can construct and install your store-bought solution.

  • Bike Hooks
  • Shelving
  • Cabinets
  • Overhead Storage
  • Bin Systems
  • Handrail & Stairs Installation

Increase the functionality, usability and comfort of your garage-to-house entryway with stairs and handrail. This is a one-day improvement project that your local handyman service can provide for your home, satisfaction guaranteed.


Whether it’s laying tile or installing new cabinets, WE ARE equipped to handle major and minor projects in your kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the household. Our dependable and experienced handyman services will get the job done right and on time so that your family can get back to making memories.


Kitchen Backsplash Installation

Installing a backsplash adds a finishing touch to your kitchen. First off, consider your color palette and material options. Our professional handymen have plenty of experience installing all types of back splashes, including:

  • Glass & Stone Tiles
  • Stainless Steel Sheets
  • Paint or Wallpaper


Cabinet Installation & Repair

We’ll make sure your cabinets are straight, aligned and secure. From peeling laminate to broken hinges, our home improvement professionals will get your cabinets looking and working as good as new. Whether you’re installing brand new cabinets, raising or repairing existing cabinets, our experienced handyman will turn your vision into a reality. 


Countertop Installation & Repair

Our home improvement professionals install and repair kitchen countertops of all types, including laminate, marble, granite, quartz, natural stone and more. From fashioning a custom oak bar to installing a butcher block countertop, our professionals will complete all your custom countertop installation projects with just one call.


Custom Kitchen Islands

A great kitchen island is the centerpiece of the kitchen. Work with our experienced staff to design, build or refinish the custom kitchen island that brings together the entire room. For smaller kitchens, consider a portable kitchen cart.


Tile Installation & Repairs

There’s a reason why tile is such a popular flooring option in the kitchen. Unlike wood and carpet, it’s water resistant and easy to clean. Our handymen have the tools and the expertise to install tile floors throughout your entire kitchen or any part of your home.

Quick & Easy Kitchen Updates

Have a tight timeline to complete your kitchen renovations? Learn our fast solutions that will improve your kitchen’s look.


Every living room and dining room should be comfortable for family gatherings yet classy for entertaining guests. Our home improvement professionals are constantly completing a wide range of projects to refresh the ambiance of these two rooms. Whether it’s installing crown molding or hanging a family portrait, no job is either too big or too small for our team.


Baby & Pet Proofing

By crawling around your home on your hands and knees, you can see the world from a baby’s point of view, which will present dangers you hadn’t seen before. As your child starts to walk, you of course will need to reevaluate your child proofing measures. 


This goes for pets as well. We can install pet barriers with gates to zone of areas of your home that are off limits to your pet.


Crown Molding Installation & Repair

Fresh crown molding gives any room an extraordinary finished look. Our experienced handymen can help you throughout all phases of the project—from planning to completion—whatever direction you decide to go. When it comes to crown molding, we typically experience these three types of projects:


  • Match Existing Molding
  • Paint Crown Molding
  • Install New Crown Molding

Custom Shelving & Bookcases

If empty walls are your problem, shelving is your solution. From built-in bookshelves to custom wall shelves, our dependable team can help you explore and execute the perfect shelving project for your space. If you already have the shelves picked out, we can help assemble and install as needed.


  • Custom Shelving
  • Built-in Bookcases
  • Floating Shelves
  • Custom Mantles
  • Shelving Installation
  • Furniture Assembly

It’s not always as easy as it looks. Assembling furniture, whether it’s a new set of chairs or a buffet table that you bought online, can be tricky and time-consuming. Let our experienced handyman assemble your furniture so that you may sit comfortably knowing that your new chair will not crumble beneath you in the middle of dinner.

Picture Hanging

Without the proper hardware and skills, your pictures may end up crooked or, even worse, on the floor. Whether you’re mounting a heavy mirror or rearranging dozens of family photos, our experienced team of home improvement specialists will make sure all of your frames are level and secure.


Mantel Installation

Whether you are seeking to upgrade your existing mantel or want to build a custom mantel, our handyman has the tools and experience to get the job done right. Mantels are a great way to either frame your fireplace or add character to an otherwise bare wall. You’re just one call away from displaying your favorite family photos on your new mantel.


Wainscoting Installation & Repair

Elevate your living and dining room by installing elegant wainscoting. Wainscoting is a blend of baseboard, wall paneling, chair rail, and molding that adds a visually appealing, classic look to any room or hallway. Your local handyman can help you plan and install the perfect wainscoting for hallways and rooms throughout your home.


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