Chimney Crown and Cap Repair in Atlantic County, NJ

The chimney crown is an important component of masonry chimney construction that is often overlooked and sometimes needs repaired or replaced. You will find the chimney crown at the top and serves to prevent water from getting inside your home.

A chimney crown, which is not as glamorous as its name suggests, is a covering made of concrete, mortar, and stone that covers the chimney’s top around the flue. It diverts rainwater from the chimney. They can also use a chimney crown as a rain cover or chimney cap to protect the chimney flue from rain, snow and ice..

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Chimney Cap Repair - The Main Function of the Chimney Cap

Although some crowns or caps may have decorative elements, the primary purpose of these caps and crowns is to keep water out of the chimney. This is vital for maintaining the structural integrity of the chimney.

Water damage can cause brick and mortar cracks, spalling and efflorescence, organic and other masonry problems. These problems can lead to other problems, such as water leakage, excessive humidity, fire hazards, and even a collapse of a chimney.

Some chimney crowns in Atlantic County, New Jersey have poor design from the start. Some cement chimney caps lack an overhang that can properly divert water.

¬†Often crowned brick chimneys are built with the mortar used for brickwork, or with what is known as a “cement-wash” crown. This crown is useful at first but the mortar used in most cases does not withstand direct impacts from the elements over-time.

Water can enter the chimney through cracks, chips, deterioration, shrinkage, and deterioration. To divert water from the chimney’s sides, chimney crowns should be protruded over the edge of the chimney with a drip edge.

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Our mason contractors in Atlantic County, NJ provide complete chimney crown restoration, repair, and replacement services. We recommend limestone chimney caps, which are made from natural limestone.

Limestone chimney crowns last longer than traditional mortar chimney crowns or cement-based chimney crowns. Limestone crowns can be professionally installed and manufactured to exacting standards. This allows for water diversion and long-lasting protection.

Do you need a trusted chimney crown repair service provider? For professional chimney cap repair in Atlantic County, contact us today.

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