Chimney Flashing & Rebuilding in Atlantic County, NJ

Professional chimney flashing company in Atlantic County, New Jersey. We specialize in metal and copper flashing, as well as rebuilding existing chimneys. 

It is crucial to properly divert rainwater from chimneys and buildings, especially brick and mortar. Our chimney rebuilding services in Atlantic County, New Jersey, go beyond just fixing a damaged chimney or roof. Our mason contractors not only rebuild the chimney but also address any water problems that could have led to its failure..

Our chimney contractors are Atlantic County’s most trusted brick-repair company. They make it their business that every job they do is done to the highest standards.

Black asphalt roofing shingles with copper flashing
Copper roof flashing on a chimney.

Chimney Rebuilding Atlantic County, New Jersey

Our masons are Atlantic County’s full service brick and mortar repair business. Their expertise, safety training and craftsmanship allow them to handle even the most difficult brick repairs, including chimney rebuilds. Their chimney rebuilding team can handle both partial and full chimney rebuilds.

Chimney repair contractors are good for repairing minor chimney problems like cracks or leaks. However, chimney reconstruction is required when there are serious structural problems (e.g. leaning or masonry structural damage).

Many factors can cause serious damage to a chimney, including water leaks, exposure and cracking, as well as soil and drainage issues, foundation problems and a lack of preventive maintenance. The chimney’s components flashing can also contribute. A cracked or deteriorated chimney crown, for example, can allow moisture in the chimney to enter and cause deterioration of its masonry structure.

Our masonry contractors provide expert chimney rebuilding services in Atlantic County.

  • Partial chimney reconstructions – They can do partial chimney rebuilds if the damage to the crown or roofline is minimal. A partial chimney rebuild requires tearing down the chimney to the flashing area. Once the chimney is removed, the top part of the chimney can be rebuilt and topped off with a crown.
  • Complete chimney reconstructions – When a chimney rebuild is necessary, they take out the entire chimney’s masonry structure and rebuild it from scratch.

Our chimney rebuilding service, like all their Atlantic County brick, mortar and chimney repairs services, is performed by skilled masons who are dedicated to completing their work to the highest standards. Contact us immediately if your chimney shows signs of structural instability.

Chimney flashing and rebuilding
Complete repair of all masonry chimneys.

Roof leaks and chimney damage are often caused by improperly or non-existent chimney flashing. Chimney flashing prevents water from entering the chimney and roof intersections. If chimney flashing is installed correctly, rainwater will be directed off the roof through the gutters and down to the downspout. If chimney flashing fails, you can guess where the water goes.

Improperly diverted water can cause significant damage to both the interior and exterior of a home. It is important to identify the source of the problem so that it can be addressed. There are many types of flashing and a licensed roofer or chimney repair professional should install them.

Your home’s chimney flashing is often made of aluminum, copper, and metal. Each metal flashing has its pros and cons. Our chimney repair team will help you choose the best flashing material for your chimney type and any adjacent materials.

It is crucial to ensure that water does not get into your chimney or home. Minor chimney repairs that focus on flashing can prevent major chimney rebuilds in the future. Atlantic County Home’s masons provide comprehensive chimney flashing replacement and repair services in Atlantic County.. Contact us today for more information.

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