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Looking for a reliable chimney liner installation company in Atlantic County, NJ? Look no further than Atlantic County Home. We offer top-quality stainless steel flue liners that will keep your chimney functioning safely and efficiently.

Chimney liners have many uses and make a chimney more efficient and safe. Properly-sized chimney liner is essential to draw smoke out of the chimney and prevent water from entering your masonry chimney. They also help to prevent chimney-related fires. A chimney flue liner can prevent hazardous chimney disasters and costly chimney repairs.

Stainless steel chimney flue liner
One piece stainless steel flue liner installation on masonry chimney.

Chimney Liners: Why are they needed?

Unlined chimneys should be lined as the chimney’s smoke (which is made up of carbon monoxide, smoke, and other gasses) can seep into mortar joints and cause damage. Chimney fires can be prevented by using chimney liners. Although it might seem impossible for masonry chimney smoke to catch fire, they are quite common. Unlined chimneys can catch fire from creosote buildup, as the flames burst through cracks and mortar joints.

To prevent damage to masonry chimney flue, a stainless-steel chimney liner should be installed. A common problem with chimney liners is when the liner is too small and an oversized liner can cause the gasses to cool too fast, which can lead to poor drafting and excess creosote build up. A poorly sized liner can cause too much draft and a smokey burn.

All liners are not created equal. Cheap chimney liners can corrode, crack and leak quickly. Multi-piece liners might not have their joints properly sealed, which can lead to dangerous gasses leaking. Aluminum liners can often be damaged during installation because they are extremely soft.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

Our masonry repair contractors in Atlantic County, NJ install stainless steel chimney lining systems. The continuous-welding, rhino-tough one-piece liners keep moisture, smoke and gasses out of the flue during their drawing up and down from the chimney. Chimney liners can be bent around flue offsets or other obstructions.

Chimney flue liners are designed to absorb expansion. This type of chimney lining is waterproof and can be mortared to the chimney top due to its expansion properties. Flue liners systems are made of stainless steel, with flue connections, and termination caps.

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