Chimney Repairs, Inspections & Rebuilds in Atlantic County

Does your chimney need to be repaired in Atlantic County, NJ? It’s not always easy to see if your chimney needs repair. Although you might see that a brick crumbling or leaning chimney needs to be repaired immediately because of its danger, there are important chimney problems that can also be deadly.

Atlantic County Home has mason contractors that offer a variety of chimney repair services throughout the county, including chimney lining, chimney caps, chimney flashing repairs and chimney tuck pointing.

masonry chimney repairs
Chimney repair services.

Common Chimney Problems in Atlantic County, New Jersey

Masonry chimneys can be prone to many problems. Many of these problems can cause injuries if they are not addressed.

  • Masonry cracks

  • Bricks that are damaged

  • Water damage

  • Corrosion

  • Condensation

  • Creosote buildup

  • Structural failure

  • Cracked flue

  • Failure of the crown or the cap

  • Water leaks

  • Chimney flashing damaged

  • Chimney liner that is damaged or not present

Many homeowners in Atlantic County, New Jersey are not aware of the potential dangers that an unmaintained chimney could pose. Do not let “out of sight out of mind” fool you. Regular chimney inspections are essential.

Our masonry chimney repair specialists at Altantic County Home can help you with chimney repair.

Brick and mortar repairs on a chimney are designed to fix masonry cracks and deteriorated bricks as well as damaged mortar joints. Brick replacement and tuck pointing can be done to fix your chimney. Our masonry contractors match the materials carefully to ensure seamless chimney repairs. These types of chimney repair can be used for both cosmetic and structural purposes.

Other chimney repair options include crown repairs and flashing and flashing repairs, flue liner repair and chimney liner replacements. To ensure you know all the issues with your chimney and what steps to take to fix them, our chimney repair specialists will inspect it thoroughly.

We want your chimney looking great and performing its tasks safely and efficiently. For a chimney repair estimate in Atlantic County, NJ, contact us today.

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