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Nothing protects and beautifies your home in Atlantic County, New Jersey, like a new roof and siding. Having the right roofing and siding contractor to do the job is key. They not only install the roofing and siding, but help you choose the right roofing and siding materials. So your home looks great and has lasting value. 

Our roofing and siding companies at Atlantic County Home repair, replace and install all types of roofing and siding types. From asphalt architectural shingles to metal roofing, from installing new soffits and fascia boards to replacing your home’s siding with Jamie Hardie siding.

Roofing and siding repairs are another thing our home improvement contractors do for you. They fix roof leaks and replace siding that blew off in the last storm. Our roofing and siding contractors are licensed and insured in New Jersey and have great reviews and ratings online.

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Roof Replacement Atlantic County, New Jersey

In a perfect world, a home’s roof would last forever. Since that is not the case, there comes a time when you will need to replace the roof on your home. Getting a good roof replacement contractor to install the right type of roofing is key to a long-lasting roof…that might just last you a lifetime.

Roofing Repairs

Roof replacements aren’t always needed. If your roof isn’t too old or in bad shape, then a roof repair is what you need. A leaking roof can be caused by a number of things. Our roofing repair experts will inspect your roof to find why it is leaking and make the needed repairs. Chimney and wall flashing leak, pipe flashing wear out over time and missing shingles blown off in a storm are leading causes of roof leaks.

Common Roof Repairs We Make

  • Fix flashing along chimney and exterior walls.

  • Replace missing shingles after a storm or from a tree rubbing on it.

  • Repair roof valleys, they leak we repair them.

Types of Roofing We Do

Brands of Roofing We Repair or Replace

  • GAF

  • Owens-Corning

  • IKO

  • Certainteed

  • Tamko

  • Pabco

  • Atlas 

  • Malarkey

To find out what a roofing repair or replacement cost would be for your home, simply click the button below for a FREE roofing estimate. Our roofing companies will give you great customer service from start to finish. Get a quote today!

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Siding - Exterior Trim - Shutters

Your home’s siding not only protects the structure it also adds a distinct look. If you want to add more curb appeal to your home, replacing the siding will do it. Our siding contractors install all major brands of siding like James Hardie, Certain Teed and more. Regardless if you want vinyl siding, composite or wood siding, even metal siding our siding companies can make it happen.

Exterior Home Repairs

Your home’s siding can become damaged in many ways. From getting a crack or hole when hit with a ball, to the wind blowing off a piece or section of the siding. The home siding repair contractors at Atlantic County Home can fix your siding. They have great online reviews and are the local siding contractors in your area. 

Siding Repair They Do Are

  • Replace damaged siding

  • Match and install storm damaged siding

  • Install aluminum and vinyl soffit and fascia 

  • Replace missing J-channel

  • Wrap windows and door trim with aluminum or vinyl

Getting started fixing or replacing your home’s siding is as simple as clicking the button below. Our siding replacement contractors will take good care of you and your home. As certified siding installers of most major brands, you can rest easy knowing they have the skills to transform you home. Get a free quote today and find out how much a siding repair or replacement will cost to have done.

Exterior home remodeling, exterior trim, soffit and fascia repair.
Exterior home repair, shutters, window and door trim.

Seamless Guttering - Gutter Guards - Downspouts

Roof Gutter Systems

The gutters on your home don’t get the credit they deserve. In a rainstorm they channel water away from your roof, siding, windows and doors, to protect your home.  The benefits of seamless gutters are many. Our seamless gutter installation experts can have your new gutters and downspouts up and operational in a short time.

They can even install gutter guards, like Leaf Filter, Gutter Helmet and other top gutter guard systems. 

Seamless Gutter Installation

With seamless gutters there are no more drips and leaks like with sectioned gutters. You will have one long piece of gutter leading to one or more downspouts. Seamless gutter comes in a few different colors, but white is the most common.  Our gutter installers in New Jersey have all the components on the truck to make installation a quick process. 

To get your FREE gutter repair or replacement quote, click the button below. Already have gutters but need leaf filters or guard guards installed? They can give you a price quote for that as well. Our roof gutter companies have excellent online reviews and provide great customer care. Get your quote now.

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Soffit & Fascia Repair - Overhang Replacement

The eves and overhangs on your home serve several purposes. One is to vent the roof and attic space. Your fascia boards are where your guttering attaches to the roof and it needs to be protected from the elements. If you are tired of painting your eves and overhangs, they can be wrapped with aluminum or vinyl for a maintenance free exterior. Our roofing and siding contractors can fix, repair or replace your soffits, fascia, eves and overhangs. 

Your home’s exterior trim defines the shape of your home. When the eves and overhangs are damaged or missing, the house doesn’t look its best. And is left exposed to weather, which causes more damage, possibly to the house structure. 

If you have soffit and fascia problems on your home, getting a repair cost is easy. Click the button below and fill out the estimate form today. You will be glad you did. Protect your investment, protect your home. Get a quote now!

As you can see our roofing and siding contractors in Atlantic County, New Jersey have your home’s exterior needs covered. If you have a roof leak, they fix it. If you are planning to replace the siding on your home, they can install the siding, soffit and fascia, plus the seamless gutters and downspouts. Get a quote for your roofing, siding and gutters today! Add protection, gain curb appeal with a home exterior remodel.

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