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Sump Pump Installation & Replacement in Folsom, NJ

When flooding happens, you will be glad you had a sump pump installed. If you are like many Folsom homeowners, the peace of mind that a sump pump brings, knowing your basement or crawl space’s sump pump systems are working properly is priceless.

At Atlantic County Home Service, our basement waterproofing contractors are the area’s best sump pump installers in Folsom, NJ. They use reliable-long-lasting pumps, so you can be sure that when the weather turns wet, or the groundwater rises, your sump pump is up to the task of keeping your foundation and home dry and free of the dampness.

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Zoeller sump pump kit with battery backup and alarm.

Basements and Crawl Spaces Sump Pumps in Folsom NJ

They install, repair, replace, and maintain submersible, pedestal, and other types of sump pumps for homeowners in Folsom. The sump pumps range from ¼ horsepower to as big as 1 H.P. able to pump up to 4,000+ gallons per hour. With outlet sizes ranging from 1 ¼” to 2” so you are sure to have the right size pump for your specific needs.

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Sump Pump Crock Pit Installation in Folsom

To get the most out of your sump pump and to ensure you don’t have standing water on your foundation floor, a sump pit installation is needed. That way you don’t have that wet puddling water in your basement or crawl space and musty moldy smells in your basement or crawl space.

Our basement waterproofing contractor in Folsom, New Jersey, also install French drains and water channels in your basement or crawl space, so you know the water is directed to the sump crock and pump out of your home.

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Laying plastic pipes drainage to drain the water around the house of drainage system

Check Valve and Drainage Pipe Installation in Folsom

Having the proper pipe system to discharge the water coming into your basement is an important piece of the water mitigation system. Our Estell Manor expert waterproofing companies install inline check valves and discharge drain pipes so you don’t have to worry about the water re-entering the basement. They also make sure the flooding water is removed and drains away from your property. 


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Watchdog battery backup sump pump for basements and crawl spaces
Image by Watchdog.

Battery Backup Sump Pump Services Estell Manor

Having a battery backup sump pump installed in your South Jersey home is a good investment. Our sump pump installation service in Estell Manor can give you the peace of mind knowing when the power goes out, your basement won’t flood. Reliable brands like Watchdog, Zoeller and more.

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Flood and Leak Detector Alarm Installation

Few Estell Manor homeowners go into their basements or crawl spaces on a regular basis. So having a basement flood alarm is a nice thing to have to protect your property from flood damage.

Ground water rises and sometimes rain or snow melt takes time to penetrate your foundation. With an alarm system you will know if the water is rising and your existing sump pump is working. Alerting you to potential flooding in the basement.

With the new Wi-Fi enabled flood and leak detector it can notify you no matter where you are.

Estell Manor is between 23′ and 39′ above sea level, but groundwater is a problem, so having a sump pump system, along with a flood alarm for your home, is a wise choice. 

Check out the flood map for Egg Harbor Twp, New Jersey.

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