4 Types Of Drywall Textures in Atlantic County Homes.

Common Wall and Ceiling Textures

Many homeowners feel that they need to make some changes to their home. One great way to do this is through drywall texturing. There are many types of drywall textures. It’s helpful to be familiar with the most common ones. These are four popular drywall textures that you might benefit from with our Drywall Texturing Services in Atlantic County. 

Drywall Contractors in Atlantic County New Jersey

Smooth Texture Walls & Ceilings

Local drywall contractors have the skill and experience to create a beautiful smooth drywall texture in your home. This is a popular option for many homeowners because it gives a sleek and modern appearance.

A professional, smooth wall and ceiling installation can be difficult for those without the necessary experience. The key to a perfect finish is in the preparation. The surface must be properly prepped and the Local drywall contractor must have the knowledge and skills to create a beautiful, seamless result.With the help of a drywall finishing contractor, you can have the perfect smooth drywall texture in your home.

Knockdown Texture Finishes

Knockdown texture is a very popular type of drywall texture. Knockdown texture is a modern alternative to popcorn ceilings. Knockdown conceals imperfections well, which is a major advantage.

Because there is no texturing to hide damage, damage to a smooth texture ceiling or wall will be obvious. Knockdown texture on the other side has a textured surface which can hide minor scratches, scrapes and dents in the wall. Knockdown texture is great for adding character and depth to a space.

Orange Peel Texture

Orange peel is an excellent option for drywall texturing. Although knockdown texture and orange peel texture are often confused, they are actually quite different. The texture of orange peel texture is very similar to the texture of an orange peel. Its protrusions are softer and more rounded than knockdown texture.

Both have textured surfaces which are great for hiding minor damages in the wall. It is important to note that drywall repair should be done if the damage is more severe than minor. Don’t let drywall damage get ignored for too long. It can grow and cause structural problems.

Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are not like the other drywall textures. They have fallen out of fashion in recent times. We do provide popcorn ceiling removal, but we also offer popcorn ceiling installation. Popcorn ceilings were once very popular in the past, but are now considered outdated.

Popcorn ceilings are difficult to clean, so homeowners have begun to pay attention. Because they have so many popcorn-like pieces that protrude from the ceiling, they can collect dust. This can lead to poor indoor air quality.

See this article on Popcorn Ceiling and Asbestos.

Popcorn ceilings from decades ago could also contain asbestos. Damaged popcorn ceilings can have a significant impact on your health. To make significant updates to your home, hire popcorn ceiling removal professionals.

Textured Surfaces Conclusion

Walls and ceilings can be textured in a number of ways, but the most popular textures are smooth, knockdown, or orange peel. If you’re looking to add some interest or texture to your walls or ceilings, consider having them textured. There are several contractors who specialize in different wall and ceiling textures, so be sure to do your research before hiring someone. Keep in mind that not all textures are created equal – some may be more durable than others. If you’re unsure about what type of texture would best suit your needs, consult with a professional drywall contractor for advice.

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